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Sunday, 4 September 2011

my roomate

Assalamualaikum and hello to everyone.
I stayed in college Zamrud. I have 3 roommate which are Wan Nurhazirah, Nuratiqah binti Hasssan and Nur Adibah. All of them can make me happy .

Wan Nur Hazirah
 Okay let me introduce about Wan Nur Hazirah who is my roommate and also in same course(Information Management). She is a talented and very friendly person. She is 19 years old and come from Subang jaya, Selangor. She have 4 siblings and she is the third. Beside that, she is very closely with her parent because she also doing all work together in leisure time. She very love multimedia subject and also help me in this subject. Her favourite color is purple.

 Nuratiqah binti Hassan
Then let me story about another roommate which is Nuratiqah binti Hassan who is 18 years old and she is very friendly and kind person. She very loved cat and also love pink color. All the thing that she has, always pink especially the cloth. She comes from Kluang, Johor and she always go back home early. She love playing badminton and netball. She love in management subject because she likes to involves in communication.

Nur Adibah
Then the lastly is  Nur Adibah who is 18 years old and she lived in Muar, Johor. She likes green colour because she loved an environment. She is very polite and humble person. She always do some revision before she go to sleep. She likes to playing badminton and also swimming. She have three sibling and she is the eldest. So that, she was very responsible person.

Lastly, I very loved my roommate.thank you.

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